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>> we have the potential to tie records and be done by marshall and -- at bwi marshall and dulles at 97. it is 77 in fredericksburg this morning and the same in winchester. the heat advisory goes into affect at noon and extends into the evening including the district and surrounding counties. even though frederick and loudoun county are not under the advisory, it will still be an uncomfortable, hot and humid heat index readings around 100- 105. now to lisa baden. traffic looks good in maryland. 95 in and out of baltimore, a crash southbound at 132 is gone. in good shape and virginia, on the beltway. 95 northbound, give yourself extra time from garrissonville road off and onto dumphries.
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a crash has been moved from the northbound lanes. back to you. >> thank you. 6:00. temperatures are expected to rise close to 100 degrees today. >> oppressive conditions could cause problems. brianne carter is live on the national mall as we gear up for this. pretty hot out there already. >> we are starting to feel the heat and humidity already. we have seen a number of people trying to get their morning run in ahead of record-breaking heat later today. this man and his dog are feeling the heat. >> it gets so hot that its paws start lifting off the ground. >> and heatwave is taking a toll on many across the region. >> i feel high -- hot. >> they already have a plan in
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place to beat the heat. >> go in the afternoon or go early. >> emergency officials say on days like this id can be so high that it's not guilty. authorities urged everyone to stay hydrated and go into the shade when possible. >> is tough on our people because of the increase in calls. >> potentially dangerous conditions expected this afternoon. emergency officials say to stay hydrated, to stay in the shade if possible. worst case scenario, they end up seeing dehydration and heatstroke. follow the rules to avoid that. this morning it's hot already. we are not the only ones still in with heat and humidity. people in the midwest, the south, and the northeast are doing all they can to stay cool. more than 20 states under heat advisory. some places have been dealing with temperatures in the 90's
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and above for weeks now. that could stick around a few more days. we are on storm watch as people clean up the damage from last night's storm. an artist's a lightning strike sparked a fire in rockville. plans broke out at around. no one was injured. -- flames broke out. and in northern virginia theref are thousands of people in the dark. and just over 1000 people remained without electricity. our abc 7 weather team is tracking the forecast 24 hours a day. if you want to read more, click on the weather tab of our website, new this morning traffic is moving again along moving270 after a six-hour nightmare for commuters last night. a gas leak forced the highway to close at the height of the evening rush-hour.
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jummy olabanji joins us live from the scene in clarksburg to bring us up-to-date. >> the the as you mentioned, good news for commuters. in both directions of 270 are open as well as maryland/route 121, clarksburg road. there are still clcrews from washington gas working to get this gas leak under control something that was a headache for of commuters and residents yesterday. the gas leak created this dust cloud at least 30 feet above the ground. crews on scene describe the sound of the gas as something similar to a freight train. neighbors described the odor. >> it smells like rotten eggs. >> cruise from washington gas quickly not on the scene to fix the broken pipe located 20 feet underground. at the same time, the montgomery county fire department shut down
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a six-mile stretch upon of 270 fearing what could've been a serious explosion. >> i am stuck with no way to get out. >> some drivers were stranded six hours. traffic backed up from frederick to gaithersburg. >> we are stuck in both directions. goodness. >> drivers and residents were frustrated. the fire department insists all this was not caused by the construction crew's negligence. >> the contractor on the scene had their safety officer and their supervisors and they had the areas surveyed, they knew where they were going. this was just an unidentified line that was missed by someone. >> montgomery county fire officials say even though there is some work going on this morning, it really should not impact the morning commute. if you do use maryland 121 to get to or from work or wherever you should leave a little early and an analyst -- and at little additional time to your
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commute. 6:05 77 degrees. >> when we come back, an amber alert issued for a missing child in maryland. we will have the latest on the suspects and the search. >> and we have incredible video of a fire. we will tell you where this happened. >> and another attack of the tuesday morning commute. we will be right back.
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good morning, washington. [cheers] >> maybe they could end up in the women's world cup sunday. >> that game is tomorrow for the women's team. time for a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. 6:09. >> today will be even hotter than yesterday. you have your blazer back on. >> i accidentally brought it out this time and probably should have left it upstairs. we could be looking at a few isolated thunderstorms later this afternoon, part of a cold front that will eventually bring us some relief from the heat and humidity. already 80 degrees in falls church. wtop radio, 76 degrees in the district, 74 in annapolis, 77 in sterling. heat advisory will go into effect at noontime today. that includes the district,
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arlington, and alexandria. we will look for temperatures that will remain above average today and tomorrow. cooler air is on the way by thursday and friday. a welcome change. let's get an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. we have a change. 95 virginia northbound, a crash in dumphries. ? between 630 cord out edsall road -- between 630 courthouse road and the exit for garrissonville is the trouble. 66 is normal in fair oaks. 270 has a little volume past 109 southbound. route 4, route 5 228 amd 210 looking good. -- and 210.
6:11 am
a woman faces more than 20 years in jail after being found guilty of titular manslaughter and drunk driving. she hits and killed two people in february of 2010. the men were exchanging insurance information after a fender bender. the montgomery county council is expected to vote on a partial smoking ban. smoking would be banned in common areas of multifamily homes like apartment complexes and town house developments. the ban would also apply to playgrounds. gas prices are on the rise once again. aaa found gas prices jumped 6 cents in the past week. the change comes after a steady two-month drop in gas prices across the u.s. drivers are paying $3.63 nationwide. maryland has about the same. 3 cents cheaper in virginia. $3.84 a in d.c.
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6:11, 77 degrees. temperatures are cranking up. >> the debate continues. find out what is on the agenda as leaders meet again today. >> and a last-minute preparations under way as the nation prepares as we say goodbye to a former first lady. >> and amazon fight back against a ca
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>> welcome back on this tuesday. police issued an amber alert after a boy was abducted in baltimore. police say two men kidnapped eight-year-old darrick brown jr. at around 6:30 last night. they believe the suspects are driving a newer light green ford taurus with fordtmaryland tags.
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drivers were stranded in clarksburg on 270 because of a gas leak. police are still making repairs. investigators are searching for the cause of a fire that destroyed a new york city synagogue. look at the video. five firefighters were injured when the roof collapsed. the synagogue had been undergoing renovations and the conservation plans to rebuild. family, friends, and those who admired betty ford will say goodbye to the former first lady. there will be services in michigan, her hometown, and in california. >> good morning. honoring betty ford's life and legacy, eric cantor and vivacious and its. chris lee michelle obama former first lady nancy reagan, bill and hillary clinton, and former
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president george w. bush are expected to attend later this money to pay their respects and to say goodbye. the national attributes of the betty ford will take place at st. margaret's episcopal church. this is where president gerald ford was eulogized following his death in 2006. this time it's a chance for the public to say farewell to a former first lady who inspired millions around the world not only for her courage but her personal triumph over addiction and breast cancer. the 93-year-old passed away on friday surrounded by friends and family at the eisenhower medical center in california, leaving behind one of the best known rehabilitation centers in the nation. >> betty ford did save my life. >> in the quiet resort desert communities east of palm springs, california, thousands of mourners are expected to pay their respects for mrs. ford while her body lies in proposed. in a private memorial, will be eulogized by another former
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press lady, roslyn carter, maintained an enduring friendship long after they left the white house. >> it was a wonderful friendship, one that was very dear to mrs. ford and the possibility of mrs. carter delivering her eulogy would mean a great deal to mrs. ford. >> tomorrow mrs. ford's casket will be flown to grand rapids, michigan for final tributes and burial next to her husband, the 38th president. back to you 6:16 is the time. top lawmakers will return to the white house today to take another crack at an agreement to raise the debt ceiling. with the default deadline three weeks away, there's little sign of bending by republicans or the president. president obama says he will not sign a short-term extension
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insisting instead on a long-term deal. turning to america's money amazon faces a legal battle in california. and which luxury-car dealer it's the highest marks in customer service. peggy bunker has those stories. >> amazon fights back. the on-line retailing giant wants california to repeal a new law that forces internet merchants to collect sales tax for the golden state. amazon has filed a petition on the issue. a new service is mercedes-benz dealerships give their customers the best service. lexus was almost as good. the top non-luxury deal with chrysler and toyota trucks. tourism is the fourth largest industry in washington state and has been increasing at least until now. no good deed goes un-taxed.
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a man may have to pay taxes on season tickets and other items given to him by the yankees. it's going to be a scorcher. >> the heat advisory goes into effect at noon time and will extend until 8:00 tonight. yesterday as i walked down the street it felt -- uh. >> i know. >> keep an eye on the dog walkers. it's going to be miserable outside today. looking outside at chesapeake beach -- let me get this out and chesapeake beach, maryland. the sun has risen and temperatures will rebound over the next several hours or so.
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by noon time, much of the area will have 90 degrees or greater. 78 degrees right now at reagan national. dew point in the low 70's's. 73 degrees in woodbrige. herndon at 75. 78 in delaware. wind out of the west at 11 miles an hour. 73 in gaithersburg, critics 72. lexington park at 80 degrees already. heat advisory includes the district and surrounding counties until 8:00 tonight. off to the northwest even though frederick county and loudoun county are not under the advisory they will still have each index readings in the upper 90's or so. uncomfortable up and down the east coast from philadelphia and new york city, all the way down. these are excessive heat warnings in memphis, they could see heat index readings around 115. for us, 100-105, still very
6:20 am
uncomfortable. a line of storms moved through last night around 8:00 or 9:00. three and a strong morning. everything has cleared away. but we cannot rule out the chance of a few storms to night and again tomorrow. the beach forecasts, mid 80's. close to home, 95-100. there could be records broken at bwi marshall and reagan national. 99 degrees for the record temperature at reagan national airport. let's get an update on the rush hour commute with lisa baden. and nice ride on the george washington parkway between reagan national and the beltway everything is open and pretty quiet. you will need your sunglasses. no issues on a leesburg side of town. the good in aspirin and sterling and all the way to centreville. looks good on 28 in both directions. looks quiet on 66. -- looks good in ashburn and
6:21 am
sterling. running smoothly around the pentagon. in clarksburg, maryland, jummy olabanji has an update on the gas main break on 121. 270 is open. stick around for that. but now back to the news desk. a big improvement on 270. 77 degrees right now. >> a pentagon investigative reports that thousands of military contractor passwords have been leaked. >> today on "oprah," the out of this world life of "star wars" actress carrie fisher, 4:00 and abc 7. we will be right back.
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♪ captioned by the national captioning institute former british prime minister gordon brown says that he was a victim of "news of the world" tabloid. and there are reports that the royal family were targeted as well. rupert murdoch shut down the tabloid amid the hacking scandal. nine reporters could face jail time. packers say that they stole thousands of unscripted military passwords from parliament contractor booz allen hamilton.
6:25 am
passwords could be used to break into military e-mail accounts. the mclean virginia-based company says it does not comment on such matters. the pentagon is looking into it. there is important information about the effects of secondhand smoke on children. a new study found that children exposed to secondhand smoke and home have a 50% greater chance of having learning disabilities adhd, and other behavior will disorders. children without that had a 78% chlesser extentchanceef of smoking later in life. >> the brother of afghan president hamid karzai has been
6:26 am
killed. more on that later. >> and dangerous situations potentially with this heat wave. >> steve rudin in the belfort furniture weather center. it could be a record-breaking day for heat for the district and
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>> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> straight ahead, a powerful storm caused damage and knocked out power across the region just as we prepare for a day of oppressive heat. the timing could not be worse. good morning to you, washington. >> it is now 6:30. >> to get straight to traffic and weather every 10 minutes. it could be dangerously hot if you don't take it easy. check on those who don't
6:30 am
have air-conditioning. the air quality will be code orange. look at these temperatures. tuesday morning 6:30, it is 78 degrees at reagan national and already 80 in lexington park, maryland. a heat advisory will go into effect at the noontime hour for the district and surrounding counties. frederick and loudoun county are not under the advisory but it will still be hot. look for highsmith upper 90's and a heat index reading around 100-105 degrees. i look at the forecast in a few minutes. we don't have any accidents to report in virginia law and 81, route 11, 7100. 66 has a hefty volume. 95 virginia northbound, allow yourself extra time leaving stafford passed the marine base.
6:31 am
a couple accidents along the way and after that you are in good shape to get to the pentagon. this is live on 270 leading democracy boulevard and that is moving nicely. switching back to the weather, as the sun rises temperatures are expected to climb close to 100 degrees today. >> potentially record breaking and the oppressive conditions could cause problems. brianne carter is live and the national mall as the get ready for the heat. we started the morning at around 72 degrees. we would like to see that stay that temperature throughout the day. another sticky scorcher on tap and this is the kind of weather that could potentially turn dangerous. a heat advisory will be in effect later today. it is the type of day where you want to limit your time outdoors and get into the air conditioning or find a pool as quickly as you can.
6:32 am
if you have to be out step -- outside, emergency officials said this is the kind of weather where they start to see heat- related illnesses like dehydration and heat stroke. they're warning everyone to stay hydrated and stay in the shade. this is the type of day where they start to see an increase in calls. >> we are expecting an increase of calls. it is tough on our people. >> it will be tough on anyone who has to be outside for a long period of time like the workers for the folk life festival going on on the national mall. the sun is starting to come up and many people are trying to get exercise in before we get into what could be a heap -- a heat index of triple digits. we continue our storm watch this morning. people will spend the day cleaning up the mess left by last night's storm. lightning strikes sparked this
6:33 am
fire at a home in rockville. no one was hurt but there were damages in northern virginia where there were fallen trees and knocked down power lines. more than 1000 people are without electricity. our whether to distract your forecast 24 hours per day. if you want to see live radar or read more about the dangers of heat-related illnesses, click on the weather 10 of our website another day of meetings ended with no deal as lawmakers debate over the nation's debt limit. as time runs out, leaders from both parties will head back to the bargaining table again today. good morning, president obama made it clear yesterday that he wants a deal and he wanted quickly and lawmakers may have to make some concessions. there is little indication there
6:34 am
has been any progress. the stalemate over the deficit continues. president obama will sit down again today with the deeply divided congressional leaders. he gave my homework assignment -- come back to the white house with a plan that increases the total deficit reduction from $1.70 trillion to $2.40 trillion. >> the house cannot pass a bill that raises taxes and job creators. >> today, president obama ruled that a temporary measure to raise the debt ceiling. >> i will not sought a 30 day-or 60 day-extension. it will get harder. we might as well do it now. let's pull off a band-aid. let's eat our peace. peas. >> the president is pushing for
6:35 am
$4 trillion in cuts over the next decade. >> we will have a sales job. this is not pleasant but not the clock is ticking to reach a deal. the moody's credit agency has threatened to downgrade the u.s. credit rating before the government default. more americans will see an immediate effect. >> we will all feel this. financial markets would roll over and we would feel this in our retirement accounts. perhaps even worse is that the flow credit could come to a screeching halt. >> it is not just an american problem. this could send catastrophic rebels into the global economy. -- ripples into the global economy. afghan president hamid karzai says his have brother's assassination reflects the suffering of all afghan people. officials say a bodyguard shot and killed ahmad wali karzai i in canada are. it was one of the most powerful
6:36 am
people in afghanistan. he was accused of being involved in drug -- drug trafficking. a soldier wounded in afghanistan is only the second living recipients of the medal of honor. he will be awarded this afternoon. he lost a hand and suffered shrapnel wounds when he threw a grenade away from fellow soldiers. he was very heroic. at least two people from our area are among those killed in a triple fatal car crash in new jersey. a car ran off of 295 south of philadelphia last night, hit a tree and burst into flames. >> two people were killed along with another victim. we are monitoring a developing story coming in from maryland. state police issued an amber alert for an 8-year-old child who might have been adopted.
6:37 am
-- abducted. derek brown jr. was last seen in baltimore at 6:30 yesterday. police believe he was conducted by two men. was wearing black shorts and a black t-shirt and they had on a red and white rocket on the front of the shirt. police believe the suspects are driving a new or light green ford taurus with maryland attacks. families students, and friends are mourning the loss of the well-known high school football coach. steve trimble died of a heart attack. he leaves behind his wife and four sons. his death come weeks after a former teacher of bishop o'connell disappeared. he was told his contract would not be renewed. >> there has been a lot of grief over there. 6:37 is your time and it is already a hot and steamy 78
6:38 am
degrees. >> when we continue, details on the first of three ceremonies scheduled to remember the life of former first lady betty ford. >> we will be back with a look at your traffic and weather every 10 minutes.
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>> welcome back, your time is 6:40 and it is time to look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. >> we are on storm watch and preparing for a lot of heat today. good morning, they heat and humidity will start to build later this afternoon. we have a heat advisory that will go into effect at noon and extend into 8:00 tonight. look at these temperatures. it is already topping the 80- degree mark. 76 degrees in upper northwest d.c. 78 in sterling with winds out of the northwest at 3 miles per hour. here is the heat advisory that goes into effect for the overnight. temperatures will be around 95- 100 degrees. the heat index reads about 100-
6:42 am
105 degrees. it will definitely warm up. let's get an update on this morning's rush hour commute with lisa baden. we will start with the live picture from newschopper7. this is the beltway in college park. 95 maryland southbound is behaving from 198 to join this traffic heading on to the beltway. the inner loop looks ok at a green belt until you get to andrews air force base. there's a crash at the ramp 4 allentown rd.. and we will have information in virginia in our next report. everyone is rushing to get to air conditioning. 6:42 and already 78 degrees outside. >> up next, we are live with the latest on the gas main break on the 270. >> + the debt debate continues
6:43 am
and we will get bill latest developments
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6:45 am
cruises still working to repair a broken gas line that led to a commuter nightmare in montgomery county last night. >> it forced authorities to shut down part of 270 at the height of the evening rush hour last night. jummy olabanji is following this from clarksburg and joins us live with the latest. good morning the good news for commuters is both directions of the 270 are now reopened as well as maryland 121 in clarksburg. one lane is getting by on the eastbound side. it has not caused any problems
6:46 am
for the morning commute. that was not the case last night. the six-mile stretch of 270 whiwas shut down and back up traffic from frederick to gaithersburg. people were trapped in their cars causing a traffic nightmare because of the gas leak that happened at 4:00 yesterday afternoon when a construction crew hit an eight-inch natural gas line. neighbors say they complained of the rotten egg smell. washington gas that out here and attempted to fix belleek which is 30 feet below ground. >> the contractor had their safety officer and their safety officers. they had the area survey and the new that where there were going. this was an unidentified line that was missed by someone. >> an official with washington gas says they will continue to try to fix the rest of this as
6:47 am
the day continues. they should be able to open up both lanes of the eastbound 121 the traffic seems to be moving smoothly right now. >> we hope that continues to be the case. the time is 6:47 and another round of meetings are set for today as lawmakers try to hammer out a deal on the debt debate. we are joined to talk about this by a politico. we heard the president address the important issue yesterday at a press conference and following that, democrats say he is -- he has an upper hand. the democrats think he is establishing himself as the adult in the room. it was republicans who initially said we will not vote to raise the debt ceiling. without serious concessions. now, the president says he is willing to go along with this so-called grand bargain, $4
6:48 am
trillion in savings over the next 10 years. republicans have backed away from the deal because they don't want to raise taxes. the president is the one left looking like he is serious about the debt. republicans are the ones who are backing away. >> president obama has been definitive in saying we will get a deal done. we see both sides so far apart. how will this happen? >> yesterday was a real setback but republicans and democrats get that they cannot default on the debt. someone with -- someone will butbudge. with the unemployment rate at 9.2% makes the president more nervous and does not want another recession and does not want interest rates to spike as we are starting to show signs of growth again. >> hopefully, cooler heads will
6:49 am
prevail. thank you so much. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we want to check in with steve rudin. i can't understand how these temperatures have risen so quickly this morning. the sun is up and temperatures will continue to rise this morning. by noon, but most of the region will be looking at 90 degrees +. chesapeake beach maryland, it would be nice if we could hang out at the beach all day. it looks good out there. clouds will not amount to much but there may be a shower or thunderstorm later this afternoon but we're not expecting anything like last night. 78 degrees at reagan national airport. 82 degrees f. hoffmann-boston elementary school in arlington. our final stop texas to children's hospital in the district at 78 degrees.
6:50 am
dulles is at 73 degrees and bake a tie or break the record of 97 degrees later this afternoon. these are the latest heat advisory set to go into effect in the noontime hour. the area in aren't includes the district but not our counties to the north and west. it will still be hot and uncomfortable. the extreme heat warnings extended to the south and that is in effect for parts of kentucky and tennessee. they will see daytime and temperatures of around 100-115. mid 80's around the beaches and a chance for a storm. near 100 for a daytime high today the heat index will field 100-105 degrees. cooler tomorrow but temperatures in the 70's tonight. we promise to focus on virginia.
6:51 am
66 eastbound has the normal volume right now in manassas and centreville before and after route 50 with delays. 95 is been a struggle at a stafford to get to dumfries. a couple car wrecks are gone now. we go live in the geico traffic center camera. this is from edsall road to get to seminary road at looks like this again on the 14th street bridge. let's see if we can look into newschopper7. we will have more in just a moment.
6:52 am
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good tuesday morning new controversy for michelle bachmann. questions about a christian counseling center that she owns with her husband. are the counselors trying to turn gay people straight? we have a hidden camera investigation. miss south carolina's with law's journey and how she lost more than 100 pounds on her way to winning her crown. that is straight ahead on "good morning, america." >> 6:54 is your time and time to check this morning's top stories. a broken guest on forced authorities to shut down to 70 in the clarksburg area for several hours yesterday. construction workers hit the light yesterday afternoon and hundreds of drivers were trapped
6:55 am
in their cars. first lady michelle obama and three former first lady will be among those attending the memorial service in california for former first lady betty ford. she died last friday at 93 years old. she will be laid to rest in michigan later this week. president obama and congressional leaders will meet again today to hammer out a deal to fix the nation's debt. they are divided over taxes and the president will not sign a temporary measure to raise the debt ceiling you will have a chance to eat with the space shuttle atlantis astronauts later this week. nasa is inviting america to have an all-american meal with astronauts were they will be eating freeze dried favorites of summer favorites. earthlings can get special information by going to the mass of website. our version on earth might
6:56 am
be a better choice. let's look at traffic and weather every 10 minutes. let's find out how things are falling. things are ok on 270 were the gas main break was last night. 121, only one line is closed. virginia is abnormal. we have a car wreck on inbound pennsylvania avenue in the district. we'll show you that area of clarksburg with a light volume of traffic. a heat advisory starts at noon today so look for high temperatures around 98 degrees and a heat index will feel like 100-105 and a chance for a few thunderstorms into tomorrow and less humid thursday and friday. >> sounds good. thank you so much for being here with us. >> for continuing local news
6:57 am
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